Lyndon Hulme

PHP & CodeIgniter Developer


Code samples available on request.

About me

Professional profile

I have been involved in commercial web development for over ten years, working with both design agencies and businesses internationally.

Primarily I work with and enjoy bespoke programming. I build custom systems for businesses that require something "outside the box".

References available on request.

Contact Info

Work Experience


1998 - 2012

I have sound experience working with vanilla PHP and MVC Frameworks, with a good understanding of OOP, security and clean code. I've spent time working with Facebooks API, PayPal and various Banks online payment systems.

My frontend development experience consists of coding strict XHTML, HTML5, CSS and jQuery user interface interactions. I have a strong focus on creating good user experience and following accepted standards to make sure a website is as effective as possible when it comes to converting visitors.

Primarily I work with the CodeIgniter framework, however I am also familiar with other well made frameworks such as FuelPHP, Yii and Symfony.

Project Manager

2009 - 2011

I have run my own business, for 3 years while living in Brisbane, Australia. This has given me the chance to manage small teams of 3-4 developers and designers, as well as extensive time spent interacting with clients, marketing, advertising, accounting and general management.

Agency Work

1998 - 2012

A lot of my experience and work has come from white label contracting for other agencies. I have served in a consultant capacity, project leader, coder and helping relate to clients the technical details and opportunities for development.



  • HTML / CSS:


    · 12 years

  • PHP:


    · 11 years

  • CodeIgniter:


    · 3 years

  • Other Frameworks:


    · 3 years

  • Javascript:


    · 2 years


  • Graphic design:


    · 9 years

  • Web design:


    · 7 years


  • Illustrator:


    · 6 years

  • Photoshop:


    · 8 years